Artwork Placemats and Coasters

Artwork Placemats

zara-picTHRE3 Australia offers a range of attractive placemats featuring works of art and can produce your own artwork at competitive prices for small quantities.  Whether you are a professional artist or would just like to reproduce your own little work of art for private use, we can turn your art in to high quality placemats and coasters.

Customised placemats of your favourite subject, beautifully reproduced in water colours, oils or acrylics from your photo, and DSC02763printed on placemats – any subject of your choice eg aviation, marine, motoring, landscapes etc.

You are limited only by your imagination.  Do a google search on something you love…. like graffiti or street art, birds or puppies and you will be inundated with incredible images to fuel your imagination.

What theme/colour carries through your dining room?  Is your house modern, contemporary, retro or a mishmash of styles?

Have your children arrived home with absolutely wonderful works of art from school or daycare?  All you need to do is photograph website-leafsaid artwork or scan it and email it to us at  We will take the very best care of the artwork but you also get to keep the original!

Perhaps your own art, or artwork done by your children can be featured on placemats as a very personal gift.

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