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Personalised Placemats - Boxed SetWith a heap of work going on on our website and with our shopping cart, we are pleased to announce that customers are now able to order their personalised products directly from the website.

With gorgeous holiday snapshots, children’s artwork, family photos or even your own artwork as resources, there is probably no shortage in your home of ideas to put together a set of your very own personalised placemats – either for your table or as a gift for someone you love.

Xmas Placemat 2016There are so many photo editing programmes available now which means you can have a lot of fun piecing together photos montages to make things even more interesting.

This is an example of one I put together for Xmas 2016 to send to all the grandparents and great grandparents.  From memory I used Pic Monkey to create this design.  And it was very well received.

Order your Personalised Placemats or Coasters here



Louise Wolbers, Australian Photographer

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Louise Wolbers, Venetians Coasters #6Recently I approached a number of Australian Artists, that were already customers of THRE3 Australia, that I admire the work of to discuss listing our coaster and placemat products with their images on them. I am very excited to introduce a new Artist to the ranks by the name of Louise Wolbers. In Louise’s own words:

“I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world – the Gold Coast, Australia. Photography has become a passion of mine and I find myself becoming more enchanted with it every day. I enjoy travelling to capture the next moment in time. Over the years I have discovered so many wonderful places and people. Looking through the lens of a camera opens your mind and life to a whole different world. It is a world I wish to share with my friends and followers.”

Louise has prepared for us gorgeous images from the Carnevale di Venezia (Venice Carnival)…

The Venice Carnival, otherwise known as Carnevale di Venezia, is an annual festival held in Venice, Italy.  The city is filled with models dressed in elaborate costumes and masks.


Louise Wolbers 'Iconic Australia' St Kilda Beach HutsAs well as iconic Australia images including the Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Broome Camel Rides, St Kilda Pier, Beach Huts at St Kilda and Surfers’ Paradise.


Louise is on her way to Venice again this month and we look forward to seeing what she comes back with.  In the meantime, enjoy her work and think of all those people that would just love the usable gift of beautiful photography.






Australia Made Accreditation

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AustMade logo-4You know the old saying ‘some things happen for a reason’?  Well, that seems to have been relevant recently for us.

It is with much pride and excitement that we are able to announce that we are now eligible, and have successfully achieved, Australia Made accreditation.  So, although I have ‘borrowed’ the logo artwork for this post, we will soon receive access to the actual artwork which will adorn our boxes.

A month or so ago when we suddenly cut lose a supplier – THE supplier of all our blank product which was made in, and imported from, China – we were not sure what we were going to do.  It so happens that Kev had started doing some work as sound engineer again and met Aaron from Volt Laser, doing lighting on the same gigs, who was keen to try out some samples for us.  We had a customer who was waiting on an order of round placemats and I was panicked about how I was going to get them done.  A Sunday evening call to Aaron at Volt and the round placemats were with me on the following day!  Now THAT is service!!  We couldn’t thank Aaron enough for coming through for us then and supporting us through the transition, continuing to supply beautiful product in the form of coaster and placemat blanks in all the sizes and shapes that we use.

We quickly put in the extra work to get cork on the blanks and off they started going to all our customers.  The product is so good that the transition straight forward and our customers did not know that we had changed supply, apart from the IMPROVED consistency of cork backing.

We have been very happy and proud to be sending out work for new customers, old customers, corporate and private, and to be working with the beautiful images of a wide variety of artists.  Keep an eye out for images of outgoing orders on our Instagram and Facebook pages.




Exciting New Product

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El Questro GorgeWe are so excited to share that we are partnering with an Australian photographer who does a lot of travelling in and around Australia!  Graham first made contact with us as a customer wanting some of his photos on placemats.  He was very happy with the result and ordered a further set of placemats, and then coasters.  We, in turn, were extremely impressed with his photographic work and started a conversation about using his photographs to create a product based on memories beautiful places visited and that also made a fantastic gift.

Although it is not the best photo of a placemat, the featured photo was taken by Graham at El Questro Gorge.  Graham has many more photos of both WA and NT icons that he is happy to share, and is taking more all the time!

If you are interested in stocking a high quality product in your store or information centre, please contact us directly at or call us on 07 5474 1774.   We would love to hear from you and have a conversation about our products.

Australia Specific Works of Art

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20160826_103351_resized_2I consider myself really lucky that not only do I work with some amazing artists and photographers, but that they are also kind enough to send through photos of the finished products on display.  Recently I have done a number of orders for both Shona Nicholls, the artist creating unique Australian themed watercolours, as well as the Central Highlands Development Corporation in Emerald, (, who sell placemats and coasters of Shona’s work in their local information centre.

Lucky for me, I was sent a photo of the products on display in the information centre where customers can pick and choose which placemats and coasters they would like, to make a custom set.  I love that they do that and not have them in ready made sets as people take different experiences away with them from a place and therefore are interested in different images.  They make a fanastic gift to take home to someone as well as a special reminder of a place visited.

Thanks to both Shona and CHDC for their support.



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three-linkedinSince we bought the business in September 2014, we have been known as Activeways Australia.   A confusing name that made people think we had something to do with sports or activewear.  Not helpful when we actually product bespoke placemats and coasters!  So, although the number 3 (Three) does not lead you to placemats and coasters, it does not lead you to anything else either.

All in all, THRE3 is short, catchy and we like it.  Our new domain is and on Facebook we will be THRE3 Australia.  A few tweaks to be done, business cards ordered and due any day and we will be on our way towards a more positive, fun and creative future!



Delma White

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Delma White GumnutsOne of our ridiculously talented artists is Delma White, based in Western Australia, who specialises in botanical paintings.  Her series includes West Australian Blooms, Australian Native Flowers, Gumnuts and Orchids which are available as both coasters and placemats.  All are ridiculously beautiful with colour.

The attached images are of the coasters once printed and cello glazed with a film which makes them 110 deg heat resistant and enables the finished placemats and coasters to be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Delma White Orchid coastersThe next step in the process is for the images to be cut using a die and cutting press in to what we refer to as ‘slicks’ which are then ready to be glued to the ‘blank’ – a timber backing with cork on the underside.  Once this is done, the finished product is placed under weights for approx 24 hours, giving the glue plenty of time to cure.  Then we box them up and send them out!

For more images of Delma’s work or to order her gorgeous products click here to visit her website.

Make Your Guests Think

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website-quote (Medium)

If you spend any time on Facebook or Pinterest, you will see a lot of quotes pass you by… love, daily, famous, inspirational, you name it.  I spotted this one on Pinterest today along with a number of others and thought how great it would be to have a set of placemats and/or coasters to set your table with for a dinner party.

Check out some of these for starters

Your guests will read them then wonder what everyone else’s says… are they relevant to the guests, can they choose one that is relevant to them… or do they just want to read them all?  It would make for very interesting dinner party conversations, that’s for sure.

Individualising your table is a very real possibility by using quotes, artwork or photos that inspire, or just make you think.  You provide the artwork, we will provide you with a high quality, hand made, bespoke finished product that you can admire and enjoy on a regular basis.  Don’t go with mass produced, same old same old, make your table truly sing with tableware that speaks to you!

(Love quotes on coasters as wedding favours…. now we’re really talking!!!)

Treasure Kids’ Artwork

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facebook-promo-190216 copyLove that artwork that your son or daughter did for you?

Trying to think of a great, unique for a family member, grandparent?

Want to update your table with special placemats that mean something?

Or just want to make mealtimes more interesting for a fussy eater?

It’s as easy as photographing or scanning the artwork and emailing it to us and we can produce a beautiful placemat, 110 deg c heat resistant that can be kept in great condition by simply wiping clean.  Check out our product spec page to see what size the file should be for emailing.  We check your image to make sure that it will reproduce to the highest possible quality before we go to print.  We then cello glaze by hand, cut by hand and glue by hand.

If you have any questions regarding this service, are a day care centre or kindergarten wanting to know about fund raising for your centre, please email us on

Also ask us about coasters to match.

Everything Including Retro

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retro-gals-collage (Small)I found these four beautiful gals on Pixabay and thought how amazing they would look on a set of four placemats or coasters.

I sometimes forget how unlimited the options are when it comes to awesome artsy table ware… and then it starts… vintage, retro, graffiti, fabric, colour, flora & fauna, photographic, quotes, wedding themed, family, heraldry, paintings, sketches… you really can go crazy!  When I am sent artwork to make product for customers, I think ‘yeah, I need some placemats like THAT’… but then another customer sends something different and I am blown away all over again.

For the moment though, I am taking my time looking at Artsy Bee’s work on Pixabay and enjoying the colour and designs.  So go ahead, take a look at her photos, logos and illustrations… and buy her a coffee while you are at it.

Here’s her link so you can just go right there.

ArtsyBee on Pixabay

Lois Bury Art

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DSC02747 (Medium)Another order of Lois Bury design placemats and coasters is due to leave tomorrow once I have boxed them up with love and handed them off to a courier.  Lois’ designs are predominantly of birds found in Tasmania but are unique in the way that she constructs each piece using a collection of drawings and facts about each bird that she draws.  Perfect for anyone with a love of birds or nature.

Available in both placemats and coasters, Lois sells her goodies online.  Find her here…

Lois Bury Products

Square Placemats

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fairy-flowerI came across this design on Pixabay and it reminded me of how beautiful our square placemats can be with the right artwork on them.

In this case, a multi media approach was used with newspaper background, water colours and a very lovely ‘fairy’ flower.  (At least fairies is what we called them as kids!).

I really like this design as it is subtle whilst very detailed, right down to the blue chevron, and gives you a lot to look at… I mean, who is NOT going to try to read the newspaper?

If you love all things pretty, you will love this and you can find it on pixabay:

Artsy Bee on Pixabay